At Totem, we are experts at bridging sector gaps with strategic solutions in Public and Social Infrastructure, Technological Advancement, Consumer Markets, and Engagement Dynamics. From Public Sector governance and Social Housing transformations to advanced SROI and ICT, our tailored approach champions Decarbonisation and amplifies impact across all industry verticals.


Totem Consulting Group’s mission is to empower our clients to navigate the evolving landscapes of industry and governance with
pioneering strategies and solutions. We commit to driving sustainable growth, fostering technological innovation, and enhancing community resilience through our dedicated consulting, compliance, and management services. Our collective expertise in marketing, messaging, engagement, data, analytics, and funding is directed towards creating lasting impact, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed their strategic objectives


Totem Consulting Group carries a legacy of excellence and innovation in project development, delivering global results for iconic brands and retail giants. Our core management team is seasoned with experience from working with leading names like Cable and Wireless, Alcatel Lucent, and Vodafone, as well as retail powerhouses including B&Q and Screwfix and key organisations in retrofit, construction and decarbonisation such as TrustMark, NAPIT, DESNZ, RetwrofitWorks, Parity Projects, Retrofit Academy, Compliance Assistant and many Social Housing and Managing Agents.

With a track record of providing strategic support to tech titans such as NEC, AEG, The O2 London, BT Wholesale, Inform Billing, NFON, ProVu, SNOM, Vonage, Union Street, and Yealink, we have honed our expertise in digital transformation, engagement, and gamification. Our team’s comprehensive capabilities encompass business and brand development, meticulous project management, and crafting cutting-edge digital solutions. We lead with technical proficiency, backed by deep insights into global business dynamics and consumer reward programmes. Our understanding of compliance frameworks and software development, including SaaS platforms, positions us as a formidable force in guiding businesses through the complexities of modern commerce and regulation. Driven by a passion for sustainable growth and strategic foresight, Totem Consulting Group is committed to propelling your business forward with our rich heritage and forward-thinking approach


Totem Consulting Group showcases a tapestry of knowledge and industry leadership through our comprehensive collection of white papers, insightful analyses, and informative brochures. Our rich repository of resources reflects our commitment to thought leadership and our dedication to engagement and innovation in advertising. Each piece is crafted to provide clarity, offer solutions, and guide strategy across the multitude of sectors we serve, embodying our pursuit of excellence and our passion for empowering clients with actionable knowledge.