Explore our diverse services, from Consulting and Compliance to Management Solutions and Marketing and Engagement. We also specialise in Data Analytics and Funding and investment to empower your business with comprehensive, tailored strategies

Totem excels in a number of key business areas such as; Consulting Services for strategy and project oversight, Compliance expertise in regulations and training, and Management Solutions for project efficiency and decarbonisation. Our Marketing and Engagement strategies enhance stakeholder relations, while Data and Analytics offer deep insights for decision-making. We also specialise in Funding schemes and Investment strategies, including ECO, SHDF and match funding investment schemes.


At Totem Consulting, we offer a suite of services that fuse strategic insight with practical oversight. Our Consulting Services deliver robust Strategy Development, enhancing Social Return on investments and forging stronger Government liaisons. With an acute focus on Compliance, we ensure that all projects not only meet but exceed regulatory standards and tender requirements. Our Project Oversight is thorough, guaranteeing precision and excellence from inception to completion. Entrust your vision to Totem, where we convert complex challenges into successful outcomes with a steadfast commitment to compliance and excellence.

Compliance Services

Totem’s Compliance Services epitomise our commitment to regulatory excellence. We offer comprehensive support in Regulatory Compliance, guiding you through the intricacies of industry standards and legal requirements. Our expertise in PAS/MCS Regulations ensures that your operations are not just compliant, but also resilient and prepared for future regulatory changes. We can provide in-depth PAS/MCS Training, equipping your team with the skills necessary to excel in retrofit programs. Our approach is about setting new benchmarks in compliance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and enabling our clients to lead with confidence in their sectors.

Management Solutions

Totem’s Management Solutions are streamlined to enhance our client’s operational
capabilities and drive excellence and innovation in management. Our Project
Management services are designed to bring business vision and goals to life with
precision and efficiency. In the realm of Supply Chain Optimisation, we refine the
processes to maximise productivity and minimise costs. Our Retrofit Strategies are tailored to modernise assets while adhering to the latest standards. Our Decarbonisation Initiatives pave the way for sustainable business practices, helping to reduce carbon footprint, embrace green technology and deliver positive Social Return on Investment


Our Engagement and Marketing solutions bridge the gap between a brand and its audience. We specialise in Vulnerability, Poverty, and Technology User Engagement, crafting effective communications for each audience. Our Strategy Marketing approach is designed to resonate with target demographics, ensuring the messages are heard loud and clear. With our Copywriting and Messaging expertise, we articulate the vision into compelling narratives that drive action. Our Advertising Campaigns use data and insights to drive effective change that results in impactful impressions. Through Stakeholder Engagement, we foster robust relationships that build trust and drive collaborative success.


In a world where data dictates direction, Totem’s Data, Insights, and Analytics services
drive strategic competitive advantage. We extract vital Data Insights to spotlight
opportunities and chart new courses that drive effective impact. Our rigorous Data
Analytics convert complex data points into clear, actionable intelligence. Harnessing the power of Big Data, we offer profound Insights that inform decisions and shape strategies. Totem’s expertise turns the data into a powerful insights that help businesses to drive focused direction and unmatched precision through analytical depth.


Totem’s Funding and Investment services unlock financial pathways to fuel growth, direction and clear investment portfolios. Specialising in funding Solutions that pave the way for sustainable development, green initiatives and technical platform develop and launch. Our expertise extends to crafting comprehensive tender responses and investment Memorandums, articulating the value proposition of projects to potential investors with precision. Whatever you funding and investment needs, Totem helps to align business strategy with realistic deliverables.